Ohio Schools Shut Down Because a Clown Threatens to Harm Children

Written by Intern Writer @Beautifulme_101 || What in the world is going on these days? Remember that crazy story about the clowns that were luring children into the woods with candy in South Carolina? Well, the creepy clown phenomenon continues. These clowns are in route and are heading up north and are now terrorizing people in Ohio. Multiple schools were canceling classes on Friday due to a police report from a woman who was walking home. The woman claims she was assaulted by a man dressed as a clown, who chased her up to her doorstep.

According to ABC 15. “A reading, Ohio woman was smoking on her porch at 4 a.m. Friday when a man dressed in a white mask and red wig came to her home, grabbed her by the throat, and made threats against the local junior and senior high schools. The woman reportedly told police that the clown said that he “should just kill you now,” and that “some students and teachers would wish they were never born at the junior and senior high school today.” The suspect has not been apprehended, and the victim was taken to the hospital.”

Friday morning, Reading Community City schools posted on Facebook that they would not have classes that day because of the safety of the children who tend to walk to school in the early mornings. In another part of Ohio, A few hours before that incident, police arrested a teenager dressed as a clown because he was also threatening to harm school students.

But wait, these crazy clown threats in Ohio don’t stop here. There have been other reports of a clown that was lurking in the woods near an elementary school.  Parents and teachers  are very concerned for the safety of their children. These alarming clown threats have actually been reported in several other states as well. They tend to be found in heavily wooded areas. Police say that this is what they would consider a “copycat crime.” Apparently, these assaults are draining and law enforcement would rather spend their time solving actual crimes.


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