Ohio State Student Makes Racist Statement After Seeing Ex Boyfriend Dancing W/ Black Girl; ‘You’re Hooking Up With A Black Girl, That’s Weird’

A sophomore Ohio State student recently caught some heat after making horrible comments regarding interracial dating. Katelyn Rust was caught on video berating an ex-boyfriend after she saw him dancing with young black student from a neighboring school. The Pi Beta Phi sorority member apparently though ‘it was weird as f***’ seeing her ex ‘hooking up’ with Miami University (Ohio) student Aleigha Mason.

Rust was was apparently talking to her ex when she was recorded saying, ‘F*** yourself you’re hooking up with a black girl, that’s weird. That’s weird as f***. F*** you.’ 

Mason, a freshmen at Miami University (Ohio) soon posted the video on her Twitter stating, ‘It’s crazy that racism still exists here at Ohio State.’ She recently spoke with the Ohio State’s student body paper called ‘The Latern’. She told The Lantern that Rust was reacting to seeing her and her ex-boyfriend dancing together.

‘I didn’t even know she existed until today. I danced with her ex-boyfriend and for what I understand that’s why she made that video,’ Mason told The Lantern.

Soon after, the video went viral, and Rust was swiftly condemned by both OSU’s student body and her sorority. In a statement to The Latern, Rust apologized for the video and the comments made.

“First and foremost racism is wrong. I, in no way, think that anyone is less of a person than anyone else because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual preference or otherwise and sincerely apologize for all the words in this twitter video.”

She goes on to say, “I have personally apologized to the young woman who posted this video and explained that my weird reference had nothing to do with her skin color. I was quite simply very hurt, and angry with an ex-boyfriend and jealous of her.  Nothing more.”

Mason later took down the video stating that she decided to remove it ‘because at the end of the day [Katelyn Rust] is a human too even though she thinks I am less than that. I just want her to understand that her comments are hurtful and not okay.’

While it wasn’t clear how Mason obtained the video,  it is obvious that the clip was intended to be seen by Rust’s ex-boyfriend.

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