Ohio State Students Caught Using ‘GroupMe’ App To Cheat On Assignments

A significant amount of students at Ohio State University find themselves in some deep trouble after a professor caught them using a social media app to help one another cheat on their assignments. These students may no longer be eligible for graduation because of how widespread the allegation is. 

via NYDN:

The university’s Committee on Academic Misconduct following an investigation learned 83 undergraduate students at the Fisher College business school used the “GroupMe” app to work on classwork together, WCMH reported.

The professor teaching the course in April caught the students and went on to turn them in, according to university spokesperson Benjamin Johnson. They’ve since been charged with violating the university’s code of conduct for unauthorized collaboration on graded assignments.

The incident has raised questions about the use of technology in the classroom.

Johnson told the news station students are permitted to use social media and apps to communicate and work together, but rules for cheating hold true whether in person or electronically.

“Students charged with academic misconduct violations may accept responsibility for the charges or request a hearing…” Ohio State University said in a statement. “If found in violation, students receive sanctions based on the nature and severity of the violation in accordance with university standards and protocols.”

Punishments for “unauthorized collaborations range from warnings to dismissal and can also include grade penalties.”

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