Ohio Widow Puts Those Paws on Dead Husband’s Mistress at His Funeral & Pepper-Sprayed Her

These mistress are getting bolder and bolder now days. A widow woman was putting her husband to rest when she had to put those paws on her husband mistress at his funeral.

via Dailymail,

An Ohio man’s funeral service quickly turned into a brawl complete with pepper spray after his widow started fighting with her dead husband’s mistress.

The woman showed up for the dead man’s viewing at the Young Lusain Funeral Home in Dayton on Monday afternoon telling family members she was his girlfriend.The distraught widow asked for the woman to be removed from the funeral home, according to a police report obtained by WHIO-TV 7.An argument broke out between the two women when the mistress refused to leave.

The fight quickly escalated and a brawl broke out between several women, including the dead man’s daughter, in the funeral home. An employee and a male relative unsuccessfully tried to break up the fight.

The widow finally broke out some pepper spray and brought an end to the brawling.Police have not identified those involved in the melee.No one has been arrested and it is unclear if charges will be filed.  

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