Omarosa Postpones Her Wedding Due To Death Threats & Backlash

As the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for President Donald Trump, I’m sure former celebrity apprentice Omarosa was ready to handle a significant amount of backlash. 

Well, that may have  changed in light of a slew of recent death threats hurled at her. It’s been reported that Omarosa is so shook that she recently postponed her wedding.

Omarosa Manigault was set to marry Dr. John Allen Newman, a pastor from Jacksonville, Florida, on March 25th. However, due to safety concerns, she’s elected to have the wedding date changed to April 8th, with the ceremony to be held at an undisclosed location in Washington D.C.  

“She is really concerned about her safety. There have been calls, emails and social media messages from people threatening to do harm to her and she feared that she wouldn’t be protected adequately at his church in Jacksonville. So she pushed the date back and made the change,” a source close to Omarosa told

The upcoming wedding between Omarosa and Newman has also faced some backlash from their church which Newman pastors. They’re reportedly having a hard time coming to grips that Newman, a long-time democrat, is marrying Omarosa, a renowned republican.

“Pastor Newman is a staunch Democrat. He was even a spiritual adviser on the committee of ministers working on Hillary Clinton‘s election campaign. His church membership doesn’t like the idea of their pastor marrying this Trump advocate who bashed President Barack Obama and believe Pastor Newman is using poor judgment by becoming her husband,” a member of the church told

Daily Mail also alleges that Omarosa decided to move the ceremony to D.C. in the hopes that President Trump and company would attend, therefore bringing in the secret service to for her event.

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