Paris ‘Love Locks’ Removed From Bridge

This week Paris officials are shutting down the love lock bridge to remove thousands of padlocks. The city of love says the padlocks that are attached to the bridge are affecting the city’s historical architecture and public safety.

 The Love Lock bridge represents the symbol of eternal love, couples would attached their padlocks along the railing and would throw the key into the Seine River. The love lock tradition will be replaced with new ways for couples to express their love; soon will replace the padlocks on the bridge with paintings from different artists.
 For months Paris officials have tried to encourage visitors to participate in the “No Love Lock” campaign, the campaign has been to encourage people to just use the bridge to take pictures and not to add anymore pad locks. Officials in Paris had to have over 700,000 pad locks removed weighing about 45 tons, as more time would have gone on soon would have caused the love lock bridge to collapse.

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