Phaedra Parks Says ‘RHOA’ Producers Set Up Her And Now She’s Being Harassed

Phaedra Parks is reportedly pissed after she says producers fed her the b.s. story that has since cost her a job and a few friends. 

via TMZ

“Sources close to the ex-Housewife tell us she’s mad as hell, because she claims a producer gave her the B.S. story she told to Porsha Williams about Kandi Burruss — the whole drugging and raping thing.

The producer didn’t necessarily tell her to repeat it with cameras rolling, but we’re told Phaedra explained the producer’s role during the reunion show. She’s also angry because that was edited out of the reunion to make it look like she acted alone.

We’re told the way Phaedra sees it, she was fired in retaliation for throwing producers under the bus.

Phaedra’s been getting online threats, and as we reported … at least one fan wants her to face even¬†more punishment. We’re told her office is also getting bombarded with hate mail, and her kids are getting harassed.

We’re told Phaedra insists the ‘Housewives’ crew knows she’s not the source of the lie.”

Bravo has yet to release an official statement on Phaedra’s termination. Don’t be surprised if she happens to come back next season. The fallout from this lie and repairing the ‘Frick and Frack’ relationship could make for a new storyline.


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