Phil Jackson Wants Out of New York, “Badly”

Things aren’t going so well in the Big Apple as Phil Jackson planned. Even with the great talent and picks of the few years, the Knicks still can’t seem to get things right to put the team in a position to win. Now, currently the President of the New York Knicks, more popular known for his coaching with the Bulls and Lakers, Phil Jackson, is reportedly eyeing his way back to Los Angeles.

According to Sportsnet,

One is that Jackson badly wants out of New York, preferring to return back to Los Angeles to be near his fiancée, Lakers scion Jeanie Buss. Jackson is believed to have an out in his Knicks deal that could free him up to do just that at the end of next season unless things between him and Dolan become untenable before that. It’s believed that as soon as Jeanie’s brother Jim Buss — blamed for the Lakers current free fall — is somehow removed from the scene, Jackson will be back as soon as he can engineer it.

Though, Jackson wants to return to the team that makes him so comfortable and who has giving him some of his best work, he still has two years left under contract with the Knicks. So many of the Laker fans would love to have Jackson back in LA, but I think the Lakers and fans should learn how to move on from Jackson. Notice, since the era of Kobe, whenever Jackson isn’t apart the team, the Lakers fall apart. Jackson can’t always clean up their mess when the team is having troubles.

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