Piscapo Entertainment Combines Love & Laughter Featuring K.Michelle, Tank, Lil Duval & More

Weekends are short and sweet, so it’s important to choose plans wisely to savor them. Luckily, Piscapo Entertainment’s ‘Love & Laughter Concert & Comedy Show’ was on our agenda, and it was an excellent choice. 

Let’s just put it this way: If you were in Dallas, Texas on July 15 and not in attendance, you missed out. Fair Park Music Hall was the place to be, and it was an experience for the books. 

The show’s host Joe Tory, a local comedian orchestrated and maneuvered the crowd through the night with the help of DJ Jack Fraust on the ‘ones and twos.’

The first to come to the stage was Chicago native ,who’s now Dallas living, Comedian “Q.” The highlight of his segment was his reference to Rich Gang track Lifestyle, and the reality of how nobody truly knows what the hell Young Thug is saying. As an opener of the show, there was a lot of pressure that he eased through seamlessly. 

Photo Cred: Jazzella McKeel

Then there was Lil Duval, one who could care less about pressure. He waltzed on the stage with his drink in hand to his and Snoop Dogg’s Kill ‘Em Wit The Shoulders, almost breaking his shoulders, at times. From the shoulders to comparing women wearing waist trainers to a can of biscuits, he kept the crowd gasping for air. Duval also completed a side b*tch roll call, in which only one appeared to be present. However, he had a little trouble believing that, seeing that it was a ‘K. Michelle concert.’

“One side bitch, it’s more than that! It’s a K. Michelle concert, it’s more than that!” the comedian said. 

Duval then went on to show love for all the side b*tches in the audience to confessing his hate for the single life.  He flowed to his enjoyment of being in a relationship along with joking about his hate for step-kids. The entertainer had the crowd almost laughing out of their seats throughout the entire segment, asked how much time he had left, and then literally ‘dropped the mic’ while walking off stage. 

Although the assumption was that the show would just transition to the ‘love’ portion of the evening, it had something else in store for the crowd.

Photo Cred: Jazzella McKeel

Instead of a traditional intermission, the stage transformed into a runway for a decades fashion show. While serving looks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s−it’s safe to say the ‘Guns and Roses Boutique’ of Dallas did that. The models, clothes, and music selection were all elite status. They gave vibes similar to those of Teyana Taylor in Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ music video, all the way to LL Cool J, and concluded with a clean finale that primed us for Tank. 


Photo Cred: Jazzella McKeel

Let’s just say once Tank hit the stage, it seemed like someone instantly flipped the ‘grown and sexy’ switch. The audience almost grew weak in the knees by his presence, let alone his vocals, as he opened up with Maybe I Deserve.  He also performed hit records such as Please Don’t Go, You Don’t Know, Sex Music and more. It was clear that he was there to please the ladies as he was prepared with red roses to hand out during his performance of his Compliments record. Of course, the ladies went insane then, but even crazier when he performed, F***in With Me, shirtless.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough as the audience taunted him to remove his shirt, yet again. Now, here’s where the laughter crept back when Tank jokingly challenged the audience to do the same. While he made it clear that this was all in good humor, one member of the audience actually took him up for it. The singer was brought to complete shock, and the act made the show all the more merrier.

Photo Cred: Jazzella McKeel

After the brief ‘flashing’ episode, there was something else in store. The entertainer brought his piano on stage to serenade the crowd plus a surprise of another performer, LeToya Luckett. The two briefly told the story behind how they collaborated on LeToya’s record, Regret, while they were filming for ‘The Preacher’s Kid.’ As Tank was on the keys and LeToya on the vocals,  the audience sang along in enjoyment. The R&B singer then ended his set with him, his piano, and record, Next Breath. 

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for all night, the singer and headliner, K. Michelle. The star seemed as though she was performing solely for women who had experienced heartbreak and simply longed for something real. However, if you gazed into the audience, both men and women sang along passionately as she killed records like Love ‘Em All, V.S.O.P., and Can’t Raise A Man. She also got up, close, and personal for her song entitled Cry, in which fans gathered around to take selfies while singing along with the star right on the edge of the stage. Although K and her fans bonded over similar experiences that resulted in pain, she was also sure to bond over women empowerment as well. 

“I fixed my butt, I fixed my breast, I fixed my teeth, hips everything. K. Michelle admitted. It was f****d up in the inside, ya know? So, when sh*t like that happens, you got to look at yourself,    and you have to look in the mirror and understand that – no amount of money and no n***a, nobody – can make you like yourself, but you.” 

As K concluded the show with All I Got, she shared with the audience how she vowed to use her platform for ‘her people.’ However, ‘her people’ of Dallas were a little disappointed as she expressed her appreciation by mistakenly thanking Houston, instead of Dallas. Luckily her set was so amazing that the mistake was easily forgiven.

‘The Love & Laughter Concert & Comedy Show’ surely lived up to being a night not to forget and an event one would hate to miss. 



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