Police Shoot And Kill 5 Month Pregnant Mother of Three During Wellness Check

The family of Renee Davis is having a hard week.

Renee Davis, a 23-year-old resident of Auburn, Washington, was shot and killed during a wellness check on Friday night. Davis, who is of Native American heritage, texted a friend saying she wasn’t feeling well and that friend called the police. Two officers arrived at around 6:30 PM to ensure the pregnant mother’s safety, however the situation took a turn for the worst. Police say they knocked multiple times before entering to find Davis “suicidal” and armed with a handgun alongside her two children. Several shots hit Davis and she was pronounced dead. Her children, 2 and 3 years of age, weren’t injured.

Sergeant Cindi West told Q13 Fox, “I don’t know what led up to the shooting. The two officers, who have been in the force for eight and three years, both opened fire. They are being questioned and have been placed on paid leave.”

The family is confused and suspicious of the shooting and have quite a few questions that need to be answered.

Davis’s foster sister, Danielle Bargala, tells the Seattle Times, “It’s really upsetting because it was a wellness check. Obviously she didn’t come out of it well.”

Davis also had a 5-year-old daughter who was staying at a friend’s house the night of the incident.

Watch the video of Q13’s news report of the tragic incident below:

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