Police Warn Kylie Jenner To Tone Down Her Intimate Posts on Social Media


Since Kylie’s recent run in with her crazed super fan/ self proclaimed “soulmate” who broke into her house more than 10 times has prompted police to urge Kylie to be a little more careful.

Jenner has been advised to be more private when it come to what she’s posting on social media. If you follow Kylie or visit her website, you will see she has no problem showing her fans all of the wonderful things she has in her possession including clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even her $2.7 million home itself.

According to TMZ

Police are warning Kylie Jenner to pull the reins in when it comes to posting pics on social media, because stalkers and others up to no good are using it as a road map to her doorstep.

Cops are especially concerned because one obsessed fan has tried to make his way into her home at least 10 times. He’s under a psych hold now, but he’ll be released soon, and police want Kylie to immediately get a restraining order.
But they’re even more concerned that her social media posts show she’s rich with expensive jewelry, fancy cars and other trappings of wealth. It’s an invitation for burglars and home invasion robbers to make their way to her home.

What’s more … we’re told Kris and other members of her family are on board, and very concerned Kylie is overdoing it and giving too much information about her surroundings away on social media.

Do you think Kylie is attracting stalkers and burglars by posting her possessions on her social media?


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