Prince Hakim’s Love Discussions: When You’re A Career Girlfriend, But Never The Wife

The Career Girlfriend…we all know someone in this position.  It’s Prince Hakim and I’m back with another love discussion. Hear me out. 

The Career Girlfriend is a woman who’s been a girlfriend for a long, long time. We’re talking about an individual who’s been just a ‘girlfriend’ for more than 7 years. There’s a politically correct term for this relationship status – the ‘longtime partner’ or ‘longtime girlfriend’- but let’s just be honest with ourselves, you’re a career girlfriend. You’re the equivalent to a 10 year NBA vet with some hefty career stats. It’s gotten to such a point, that it looks like Carmelo Anthony will get a ring before you do. Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong. Y’all know her, the homegirl who you always think to yourself and wonder, “damn, her man still hasn’t put a ring on it? She’s still just a girlfriend? How is she really happy about this? etc, etc.” 

As a man, I’ll give you some insight and perspective as to why this predicament happens quite often. I believe it’s simply this: You’ve given the guy a license to do this. A woman somewhat plays a part in creating this vacuum of non-commitment. Whether it be a lackadaisical attitude, prolonged comfortability, or even the fear of losing the guy, your reluctance to press the issue and outright demand more out of your relationship will definitely have an effect on the longterm outcome. He’ll figure that since you’re not bringing it up, things must be ok on your side. Admittedly for us men, a lot of relationship cues will completely go over our heads. So, that is why its even more imperative that you let us know what’s up. Like with many other situations in life, a closed mouth will not get fed. Put some pressure on the situation as well. Make us feel the heat a tad bit. Nothing is better than enjoying that milk, believing that I do not need to buy the cow. However, as you are the owner of the entire dairy plant, you should always keep it in mind that you have the last say in the flow of “milk and honey” dispensed. Sometimes, making the guy feel your foot on his neck, along with the firmness of your stance on the situation, is enough motivation for us men to get our acts together.

These are just some tactics and advice. Take it or leave it. It’s Prince Hakim and I’m signing out. 


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