Prince Hakim’s Love Discussion: What’s The Infatuation With ‘Hood N****s’?

In light of all the back and forth between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, it really got me thinking about what it is about the ‘hood n***a’ that’s so attractive and alluring. I for one see this as plain ol ignorant “n****try”. It’s as if I’m watching an actual live action version of a Boondocks episode, and I can’t look away. However, whether I like it or not, I have to acknowledge that there are individuals who admire and even lust after this image.

Ladies, I’m primarily talking to y’all right now. You somewhat have a part to play in this on-going calamity. Simply, my question is ‘what is the infatuation with the ‘hood n***a’?’ What is so real and attractive about the street guy? In a way, I blame y’all for this epidemic.  Bear with me and hear me out. A lot of a man’s ego plays off the approval of what a woman finds desirable and attractive. So when a woman says that there are redeemable traits in the hyper violent aggressive hood persona, that mentality, image, and lifestyle is being encouraged.

I can say from personal experience that I know young women who would wait for a guy to do a bid in jail, yet tell a young man who may be going away for college that she can’t do long-distance relationships and that they should be friends.

Look, I understand being a product of your environment and I also believe in choice. So, I’m not putting all of the ownership on just the woman solely. I know there are women who do not find the hood n***a image to be attractive. All I’m looking for is some clarity and understanding to this on going relational trend between men and woman. My hope is that we all do better and not fuel to this fire. 

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