Prince Hakim’s Love Discussions: You Don’t Know If You Actually Love Em’ Until You’ve Cheated

(Follow Me For More!) A conversation I recently had with a female friend of mine regarding relationships and such had me thinking lately about some hard truths. In this conversation, I jokingly asked my homegirl if she loved her man. Puzzled and amused, she obviously stated, “yea I do.” Then out of no where, it just struck upon to me to ask, “Have you ever cheated on him?”

Naturally surprised and a bit taken back,  she tells me “no.”  I then calmly responded by asking, “Well, how do you know if you actually love him then?” 

Now, hear me out and listen to my twisted sense of logic. How do you know if you love your significant other if you’ve never really put those feelings through some sort of test? You’re always told to never blur theses lines and I understand that. Yet, you forget to remember that this piece of  advice is coming from another individual living outside of your shoes, your life, your experience, your POV and your mindset. Essentially, they really have no place stating what you should or shouldn’t do regarding what you and you alone are experiencing.  This can be chalked up to being a simple case of “How do you know if you’ve never done it?” or “You never know until you’ve gone through it yourself.”

I know this is some twisted logic, but I believe there’s a point to be learned here. Let’s say you go ahead to do the deed and step out with someone else. If afterwards you feel the guilt and begin to think about your significant other and their feelings more than your yourself, then congratulations you love them.

If the remorse and guilt isn’t as present or even there, then that should be a clear indication that you ought to be honest with yourself and your feelings. While you may figure out that your love may not be as strong, on the plus side you conveniently come out of it feeling a bit physically ‘lighter’ in certain areas.

So win-win either way?

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