Producer Metro Boomin Is Working on His Album and Starting His Own Label

Top tier producer Metro Boomin is expected to take the music industry by storm as he prepares to debut his very own album and record label.In a recent interview with GQ, this popular beat smith goes on to detail his power moves for 2017. 
“I’m starting my label up,” Metro explained. “So of course I’m going to keep bringing new things to the table: new artists, new sounds, and new vibes for people to love and live with.”
As if being one of the most sought after producers of all time wasn’t enough, the 23 year-old has now set his sights on new horizons as he anticipates creating a buzz in the fashion industry. This is following the Fall 2016 Alexander Wang Campaign the the producer participated in alongside other heavy weight names like  A$AP Ferg, Vince Staples, and Big Sean. 
“I’m always going to be heavy in producing,” Metro stressed. ” It’s always going to come first. It never can’t come first. But last year, 2016, I focused on DJing. Now that it’s 2017, I’m gonna gravitate towards fashion. Like we just had with the Alexander Wang campaign and things like that.”
Congrats Metro. We wish you the best! 

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