R. Kelly Gets Slammed With Lawsuit Over An Alleged Affair With Deputy’s Wife

Looks like R. Kelly brought his series Trapped in the Closet to life, but this time it’s real with serious lawsuits involved. 

According to FOX News, the singer is being sued after a Mississippi sheriff’s deputy filed a lawsuit against him over an alleged love affair with the deputy’s wife. 

The Hinds County Deputy, Kenny Bryant, made claims that his wife, Asia Childress, was said to have a relationship with the star before they tied the knot back in July 2012. 

Months into their marriage, Bryant claims the two picked up their relationship where they left off following that October after Childress attended one of Kelly’s concerts.

After Childress convinced her husband to ditch his job and move to Atlanta for the purpose of advancing his career, he now believes she had ulterior motives of continuing her fling with Kelly. 

In the lawsuit, Bryant is claiming to have suffered “emotional, psychological, and financial loss” because of the singer’s actions. 

The ‘actions’ allegedly include Childress traveling to shows in and outside the vicinity to other states, plus contracting chlamydia around the time the two became romantically involved again.



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