Report: Lamar Odom Said To Be ‘out of control’ Following His Recent Collapse

Former NBA All-Star, Lamar Odom, was spotted enjoying his night out in a Los Angeles nightclub early Sunday morning when he collapsed due to dehydration and had to be helped. Those who were inside the club stated that before the incident, Odom was seen drinking for “several hours.” Odom’s team spoke with TMZ on the incident and stated, “he collapsed due to dehydration after an intense workout earlier in the day without the necessary fluids in his system. Reps said at that moment, Lamar is “doing great.”

Although, there is always two sides to the story. Remember, Odom, is just two years into his recovery after a life-threatening overdose and things aren’t looking too good according to recent reports. A close source to Lamar gave the latest update on the 2-time NBA Champion.

According to PEOPLE,

“Lamar is spiraling again. He’s out of control.” The source says, “He was better this spring but things got worse over the summer and everyone is worried things are going to get even worse and they’re scared for him.”

Hopefully this was just a night gone the wrong way and Lamar is not slipping back into his old ways. But, we have to remember his ex-wife, reality tv star, Khloe Kardashian, is reportedly pregnant with another NBA players baby. The two prior to being divorced, were planning a family together. Surly, Lamar didn’t handle the news well. We will be sure to keep Lamar in our prayers.

Photo cred: Getty/Jason LaVeris

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