Report: New York Knicks Could Release Derrick Rose

When it rains, it pours. As far as the Knicks go, it’s a category 5 hurricane right about now. From the Charles Oakley saga, to Carmelo Anthony possible leaving every five minutes, and now new reports about their former NBA MVP, Derrick Rose being on the chopping block.

This season, Rose, who has already had a number of issues off the court including being accused of rape, though, he was found not guilty. Rose missed a regular season game due to him having “family issues,”¬†and now, the possibility of getting cut from the Knicks.

According to New York Daily News,

“Lot of chatter around the NBA that the Knicks might also release Derrick Rose. Would Phil (Jackson) do that? Clearly, he’s (Rose) no afraid to be fired.”

On Monday, the Knicks released guard Brandon Jennings in order to make some roster room for rookie, Chasson Randle. Not to also leave out, Knicks center, Joakim Noah will likely undergo arthroscopic knee surgery and is gone for the rest of the season, according to Y! Sports. The bleeding just doesn’t stop for the Knickerbockers.

If you know Phil Jackson, the triangle offense is his signature and the younger players he is reserving are more receptive to learning the world famous triangle. Though, Knicks lost their first round pick to the Lakers, Phil is looking to make some room as best he can.

Photo Cred: EPA

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