Written by Intern Writer: @bamtoofly

#Drunk is like one continuous song mixed of jazz, soul and awesomeness. The Grammy award winning artist, Thundercat just gets it — the deep essence and blends of music mixed with his personified funk is pure genius.

On the new 23-track journey,  #Drunk explores the meanings of life’s actual truths. Thundercat’s approach on the album is different at times, whether its a clever humor or the more somber honest lyrics sprinkled throughout each track. #Drunk has a much different  feel than previous albums, “Apocalypse “(2013) and “Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam”(2015), which were more focused with souls and spiritual whereabouts.

The features on the cd include an all star cast like Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Flying Lotus, And Wiz Khalifa just to name a few. The true magic is that none of the features feel forced but rather each verse added a unique compliment to each song.

Pharrell shines on stand out track “the Turn Down” which is, in essence, a political song with a twist.

“If you scared of different then you should not take the same path,If all lives matter when we mention Black why do you gasp?” Pharrell shines a magnifying glass on the world today as him and  Thundercat have an obvious chemistry that leaks fire on the track.

My other favorite tracks are “Drink Dat” and “3 AM

The only real downside on #Drunk is that it’s probably too much material on one plate. Basically it’s like having a triple meat and bacon burger with a small bun. I love all the ingredients but I’m just not THAT hungry right now. Overall, #Drunk is great album that you can cut on and just let it flow really anytime of day or night. 

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