RHOBH Model Mommy Has Left The Show

After 4 years on RHOBH, Yolanda Hadid has decided to part ways with the show. During her time on the show, she has gone through a lot. She has been battling Lyme disease and basically went through a divorce with her super producer husband, David Foster right before our eyes. 

She said that she wanted to leave the show to regain some of the privacy back into her life. At least one thing played our great for her, she was able to throw her two gorge daughters, Bella and GiGi into the spot light and that has paid off big time! 

We can fully say that Yolanda will be missed because she wasn’t the shadiest and her storyline had become saturated with rumors regarding her illness and cheating husband. 

We enjoyed you boo. Now who is going to replace her? Maybe they can bring back Camille full time. She was full of surprises! 

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