Rob Kardashian Apologizes To His Family For Exposing Blac Chyna & Not Listening To Their Advice

It’s like the whole world came together and said, “I told ya so” via social media last week after Rob Kardashian’s slut-shaming episode. 

Rob might have also heard those sentiments from his sisters as he allegedly expressed his apologies to the Kardashian clan after the incident, according to TMZ sources. 

Rob reportedly apologized for exposing photos of Chyna on the internet and other confidential information.

He also wishes he would have kept everything private and resolved their issues without the world as an audience. He also reportedly denied Chyna’s physical abuse allegations. 

Rob’s entire apology summed up was basically a “you were right, I was wrong ” scenario because he also mentioned they warned him about Chyna. 

He explained he stayed with Chyna a little past their time because he wanted their daughter, Dream Kardashian, to grow up in a two-parent household, like he did. 

TMZ also says the Kardashians steered clear of the whole incident in attempt to prevent any further damage, especially to their niece. 

The family reportedly accepted his apology and remains hopeful that he continues to be receptive to their advice. 

Can’t say we didn’t see any of this coming…

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