Roc Nation Sues Rita Ora for $2.1 Million

Roc Nation Sues Rita Ora for $2.1 Million

Sometimes, jumping ship comes at a costly price. UK artist Rita Ora may be learning this truth all too well, especially since Roc Nation is suing her for $2.1 million for breaking her contract.

According to Page Six, the label is taking Rita to court for failing to produce albums, a vital part of her contract. The suit claims that Roc Nation spent over $2 million in building Rita’s brand and music.

The contract that Rita reportedly violated entails a requirement of five albums but the British star has only released one.

The suit also comes ironically six seeks after Rita sued Roc Nation in Los Angeles for pushing her music to the back burner to focus more on handling professional athletes as clients.

According to Page Six, the California suit is still pending and the Roc Nation counter-suit was filed because of technicalities in Rita’s contract that state¬†ligation¬†must occur in New York.



Despite the legal drama, it seems that Rita is free from her label, according to her lawyer.

Howard King, Rita’s lawyer, stated that, ‚ÄúJay Z has personally and graciously promised Rita complete freedom from Roc Nation, the details of which are now being finalized.”



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