Twitter Reacts To Lack Of Safe Sex On HBO’s ‘Insecure,’ Issa Rae Responds

After the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Insecure,’ safe sex practices on television was definitely the topic of discussion. 

With the prevalence of sex scenes on the HBO series this season, viewers have noticed that condoms have not been so prevalent. 

A threesome scene with Jay Ellis, who plays Lawrence on the show, during Sunday’s episode triggered the conversation. 

While some tweeted their concerns and discomfort with the absence of condoms, others felt people were overreacting, stating they didn’t have the same sentiments for all television shows. 

Either way, Issa Rae took to Twitter to address concerns, and reassure viewers through a statement alongside photos showing the placement of condoms on set. 

Even though Issa vowed to do better, what’s your take on the issue? 


One thought on “Twitter Reacts To Lack Of Safe Sex On HBO’s ‘Insecure,’ Issa Rae Responds

  1. My 22 year old son and my mother accused me of watching “porn” in the living room for my 13 year old to walk in and see. I have the TV on while searching the web, was unaware of what Lawrence was up to. Next time I will do better.

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