Say It Ain’t So: Did Kevin Hart Cheat On His Expecting Wife?

Men might just have to count this entire week as a tough loss with all the havoc male celebrities are causing. 

It first started with R. Kelly, then Michael Vick. Usher had his moment earlier; now it may be Kevin Hart’s turn.

Radar Online broke a story releasing images of the comedian, along with a video speculating the newlywed was cheating. 

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The exclusives show Kevin in a Lexus sedan outside of a Miami Beach hotel with a couple of women at the late, or should we say early hour of 5 a.m. on July 3. 

Radar also speculated that the movie star was sitting in the passenger seat along with the woman he allegedly made his way inside the hotel with, after hitting LIV in Miami. 

For the sake of his expecting wife, Eniko Hart, we hope the rumors don’t hold any validity. 

Not to mention, the couple will be celebrating their first anniversary next month. 

Whether true or false, Twitter is in shambles and will most likely stay that way the remainder of the evening. 

Let us pray.

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