Say What ?? Man Who Killed Four People Claims Low Sodium Led Him To It

A Dallas man is now claiming low sodium levels caused him to commit a quadruple homicide back in 2013. 

According to the Daily Mail UK, Erbie Bowser murdered his ex-wife, Zina Bowser, her daughter Neima Williams, his ex-girlfriend Toya Smith and her daughter Tasmin Allen, plus injured four other children.Bowser shot Toya Smith, 43, in her home along with her 17-year-old daughter, Tasmin Allen.Smith’s son and a family friend were also harmed but survived.

He then proceeded to the next scene where his ex-wife resided, used explosives to enter the house, and killed his 47-year-old ex-wife, Zina, and her 28-year-old daughter, Neima Williams.Days following, the quadruple murderer was charged with four counts of capital murder.However just last month, the veteran plead not guilty due to insanity. 

The 48-year-old’s attorneys put medical experts on the stand to explain the chemical imbalance that triggered the killings, describing it as ‘a neuro-behavioral perfect storm that gave rise to the tragic event,’ according to the Dallas News

The former Mavericks ManiAAC and special needs teacher was detected to have low levels of sodium at his hospital visit following the rampage which may have been due to prescription drugs.Doctors explained the low sodium levels combined with medical conditions caused him to go into a state of ‘delirium.’Also explaining that Low sodium levels can trigger increased water build up leading to the swelling of the brain, which is known to cause confusion and exhaustion.Bowser had already been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his time in the army even though he had never participated in combat, plus was said to have lesions on his brain at the time he committed the murders. 



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