Shia LaBeouf Apologizes After Race-Fueled Taunt Against Black Officer Goes Viral

Actor Shia Labeouf was recently arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and obstruction. It is another in a long history of embarrassing public incidents. Initially I thought this recent debacle would just blow over, like the rest have. LaBoeuf has long since been known as the types of actors who’s just “out there”; aggressive, yet having so much upside as an unique artist. His tremendous acting ability has been giving him a continuous pass throughout his many situations. However this incident is different. According to LaBeouf this is a new low him. The actor has issued an apology after footage of his recent arrest in Savannah, Georgia made it’s way to the net. 

In a statement posted on Twitter, Shia said that he was “deeply shamed” of his behavior and that he would be seeking help for his addiction.

“My outright disrespect for authority is problematic to say the least, and completely destructive to say the worst,” he said. “I have been struggling with addiction publicly for too long, and I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.”

In one video Shia was taunting a white officer, telling him his wife liked watching porn with black penises in them, trying to play on the trope of hyper masculine black men in adult films. In another video he told a black police officer her was going to hell simply because he was a black police officer. 

“You’re going to hell, straight to hell, bro,” he told two officers, before addressing the Black officer with, “You, especially, Devin.” The white cop asked Shia why Devin was being singled out, to which Shia responded, “Cause he’s a Black man.”


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