Skydiver Instructor Who Has Completed Over 700 Jumps Found Dead After Parachute Fails To Deploy



After a failed attempt to open his parachute and back-up chute, a 30-year-old skydiver instructor who had completed over 700 jumps was pronounced dead Saturday.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Orleans County Sheriff’s office says Erick Miller and another person went skydiving and jumped from a plane as it flew 30 miles west of Rochester, New York.

However, when the other skydiver landed, Miller’s body appeared nowhere to be found until recovered later on in the field.

The Sheriff’s office theorize that the seasoned skydiver may have disconnected too late because the chute was approximately 30 feet away from him and should have been nearly several hundred yards away.

As the investigation continues, Orleans County Undersheriff Christopher Bourke told CBS affiliate WIVB that the FAA is going to bring in experts, analyze the equipment, and photograph the scene.

 Miller’s obituary describes him as “selfless & caring person who loved adventure.”

 Condolences to his wife, extended family and close friends…

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