Sneaking’: Was Janet Jackson Just Holding Out In Her Marriage For A $500 Million Prenup Payout?

More developments coming out of the sudden split between Janet Jackson & third husband Wissam Al Mana.

Man if Janet’s been plotting and scheming on the low this whole entire time, then she officially replaces Joanne the Scammer as the most ICONIC Caucasian ever. 

According to reports, Janet and Wissam’s prenuptial agreement is set up with stipulations in which a 5 year and 10 year checkpoint is included. In other words, the longer you stay married, the bigger the pay out will be. With Wissam’s net worth estimated to be at $1 billion, it would seem that a lot of money would be coming Jackson’s way. Janet and Wissam got married in February 2013, making the sudden announcement of their split just little after the five year mark “interesting” and “convenient”. With a newborn baby at the age of 50, I would assume that it would be a significant factor in whatever decision is to be made going forward. 

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