South African Minister Uses Pesticide Spray To Heal The Sick


A South African minister in Limpopo is catching the side eye after posting pictures on his Facebook page of him using pesticide to heal the sick.

Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly, posted pictures of him spraying a congregation with Doom Super Multi Insect Killer to cure various ailments.

In one post, Rabalaho wrote,“I came here with a pain on my back and stomach. Now, after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I am healed. My nose was blocked since last week, but after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I feel coming out of my nose. I thank God for healing me.”

According to

‘The pastor refused to respond to questions from American outlets, he did claim God had told him to use Doom, and that he had healed countless people using it. Doom manufacturer Tiger Brands released a statement regarding the bizarre incident, saying that they found the practice “alarming and extremely concerning” adding that it is “unsafe to spray Doom Super Multi Insect killer or any other aerosol spray for that matter, into people’s faces.”’

Can we just play it safe with holy oil?

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