Staples Center Sets Record Selling $1.2M Worth of Kobe Merchandise

Kobe Bryant went out of the NBA with a bang and reminded everyone why he’s one the of the BEST to ever do it. Not only did he score 60 points in an insane win over the Utah Jazz, his merchandise helped the Staples Center and the Lakers break a record.

According to ESPN:

On Wednesday alone, the Staples Center sold $1.2 million worth of Kobe merchandise, Sean Ryan, AEG vice president of merchandise told ESPN. Ryan said that’s a single-day sales record for any arena in the world.

The previous record, Ryan said, was set by Led Zeppelin, who sold $1 million worth of merchandise in London at the O2 Arena on Dec. 10, 2007, the group’s first full-length concert in three decades.

The average fan inside the arena spend about $61 on merchandise. This just truly shows how much the fans love and admire Kobe Bryant. It’s going to be tough to watch basketball without him gracing the courts again. 

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