Steve Harvey In Hot Water; Tells Flint Resident To ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water’

Radio and television host Steve Harvey is facing some backlash for a bad joke citing the horrendous  contaminated water situation in Flint, Michigan. 

On his morning radio show, Harvey was speaking with a man from Flint, going back and forth about  the Golden State Warriors recently defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2017 NBA Championship. The man was harmlessly joking with Harvey, claiming that the Cavs didn’t  ‘deserve jack.’ Steve, who’s a Cavalier fan, felt some kind of way and decide to fire back with a joke of his own. However, Steve’s joke went too far, being extremely distasteful. He joked about the caller’s lack of clean water due to the Flint Water crisis.

After his co host tried to save face and move on to another subject, Harvey still decided to double down on his jab towards the Flint caller, “I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint,” Steve told his co-hosts, “I was talking about him.”

He continued on to say, “He gone call in and say Cleveland don’t deserve jack and he over their bathing in all that silver water.”

When they noticed that the caller was still on the line, Steve have “one more thing” to tell him.

“Go ahead,” the caller said.

“Enjoy your nice brown glass of water,” Steve finished.


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