Suspended Coastal Carolina University Cheerleaders Caught Up In Escorting: Paid Up To 1.5K For Dates

Suspended cheerleaders from Coastal Carolina University are in the national spotlight after it was discovered that a significant amount of the squad were caught up in escorting and prostitution ring.

The Suns acquired a criminal investigation compiled by the University indicating that members of the squad were working at a strip club and escorting through a “sugar daddy site”, accepting gifts ranging from $100 to $1500 per date. Some other benefits for serving as escorts included shoes, clothes, and designer purses. 

The criminal report did note that the cheerleaders were not believed to have traded sexual favors for the benefits and gifts they received in their escort roles. Of the 18 members in the squad, only 7 were left out of the loop, unaware of what was going behind the scenes. 

An anonymous letter from a “concerned parent” obtained by school officials mid-March is what spurred this investigation.The letter alleged the cheerleaders were involved in “boozing it up” and using drugs, stripping, prostitution, and getting other people to do their homework for them. An attorney for five of the cheerleaders refuted these accusations, calling them “outlandish”, further adding that their suspension is “unprecedented,” calling the girls “teal-bleeding” (teal is one of the school colors) athletes who are “victims of … baseless claims from an anonymous source”.

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