Teacher’s Aide Fired After Calling Michelle Obama a ‘Gorilla’ in Racist Facebook Rant


 Written by Intern, Breauna Mathis @beautifulme_101 || Justice is served once again as a Georgia elementary school teacher has been fired after being caught figuratively “putting her foot in her mouth” while speaking badly about First Lady Michelle Obama via social media. 

Jane Wood Allen, a teacher’s aide at Gainesville’s Chestatee Elementary school was fired for posting derogatory comments on Facebook, putting the First Lady and gorillas into the same category.

“I admire a gorilla more than I admire her. (wait, I forgot. She is a gorilla)!..,” Allen wrote in a Facebook comment. 


It all started with a post from the Facebook page Opposing Views, leaving the remarks that Michelle Obama continues to top the list of most admired women in the world. The question for the viewers was “do you admire her?”

Well, with no remorse whatsoever, Jane decided to give her opinion, one that she would later regret.

“…If she was a real First Lady, she would not have used and abused her title, by thinking that she is entitled to go on all the trips that she takes every other day. But most of all wasted all our taxpayers money. She is the worst example of a First Lady ever! (Or sorry, I meant gorilla, not First Lady)!”

According to AJC, “A release from Forsyth County Schools Says: ‘Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals. As this is a personnel matter, the district will provide no further comment.”

Forsyth County Schools also took to Facebook to clear the air.


Now, we’re all entitled to our First Amendment rights, particularly freedom of speech; however, depending on the platform that you stand on, it can take a turn for the worst. 

When will people understand that you can’t just say anything you want on the World Wide Web without there being any repercussions.


One thought on “Teacher’s Aide Fired After Calling Michelle Obama a ‘Gorilla’ in Racist Facebook Rant

  1. Wow…I guess all of the trips the previous First Lady’s have taken weren’t paid for by the taxpayers??? I’m also guessing that both our President and First Lady were not prominent individuals before the White House. Sounds like a lot of hatred & jealousy there. It’s no wonder Ms. Allen is only an aide… She’s too dumb to be a real teacher!!
    Two 👍👍up to the school system for showing her the door!!!!

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