Selena Inducted Into Texas Women’s Hall Of Fame

The late, great, and Tejano vocalist Selena Quintanilla was a musical icon whose life was cut too soon. Even today, her memory and musical influence is greatly remembered and celebrated.

The Tex-Mex singer was one of five women recently inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame this past weekend. Selena is accredited with introducing the ‘Tejano’ music genre to mainstream audiences in America.

The Texas Governor has often described Selena as a figure who “shattered stereotypes and expectations, proving the impossible is always possible.” The singer’s sister, Suzette¬†Quintanilla, held the honor of receiving the award during the induction ceremony.

She stated, “I feel very proud in knowing there’s a new generation who has embraced and looked up to her as a role model. I know my sister would be ecstatic to be accepting this award that’s so empowering for women.”

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