The Fenty Beauty Effect! Kylie Jenner Drops 30-Shade Concealer Line

Kylie Jenner must be taking notes from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty make up line because she is now releasing a 30-shade concealer line. 

She took to her Snapchat to announce that the line would range from fair to deep shades. 

While some people applauded Kylie for trying to make her line diverse, others threw a palm tree full of shade her way. Check out what twitter users had to say about Kylie swagger jacking RiRi. 

FreshFaceHoney 🐝 on Twitter

If Fenty Beauty didn’t drop a few months ago, the darkest shade would have been Warm Tan. Recognize your icons and what they do for you.

Adaj on Twitter

Please let it be known KYLIE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD “30 inclusive shades” if it wasn’t for Fenty beauty’s sale results, please notice the difference in someone who genuinely cares to be inclusive and someone who does it because they see it can be profitable.

Hannah on Twitter

Kylie watching fenty sales and immediately telling her lab crew to make diverse shades

Robyn Fenty on Twitter

Kylie deffo felt threatened by fenty beauty look at her new concealers 😂 still not buying it thou thanks for thinking of us Kylie it’s a bit too late…

Anna on Twitter

The amount of black girls on my snap tryna hype this product knowing full well Kylie didn’t give a damn about inclusivity before FENTY dropped. Y’all just as bad as her 🤡 Keep letting white women exploit black women tho, it’s what y’all do best 😁

SoMuchSimone on Twitter

I wish Kylie Jenner would defend WOC when we need it, as hard as ya’ll defending these concealers…..

Cersei on Twitter

Kylie Jenner, espresso, mocha, jasper, and cocoa concealers all look the same. Maybe you should swatch it on a deep-dark black woman just like Fenty Beauty since you aren’t being original anyways.

eli on Twitter

Kylie Jenner profiting off of a poc’s idea, again. Rihanna did it first boo.

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