This Ain’t About Trump! Don’t Forget the Original Reasons Why Kaepernick Protested

This past weekend, a lot of players in the NFL participated in a National Anthem protest after #DonaldTrump told NFL owners to fire anyone who disrespects the flag and the country. Seeing so many players decide to finally stand together was great…but the reason why they protested didn’t make sense to me. It took for Trump to call these men “sons of b*tches” for them to take a knee during the National Anthem, nearly a year after #ColinKaepernick did. And now this protesting has become all about Trump and Kaepernick’s initial message is getting lost in the extras. 

COLIN KAEPERNICK TOOK A KNEE TO BRING AWARENESS TO POLICE BRUTALITY AND RACIAL INJUSTICES IN THIS COUNTRY! From day one he’s said that he will not stand for a flag of a country that oppresses people of color. He said he will represent the voice of the oppressed. Not only did his protest cost him his job (and let’s not front, we know his protest is why he isn’t on a team) but it cost him scrutiny from former and current NFL players and the President. He has given his time and his money to communities to bring awareness to racial inequality and police brutality, although he has been silently blackballed from the NFL. 

So although many players are kneeling, locking arms and staying in their locker rooms during the anthem, please do not forget why this protest initially started. This isn’t about Trump. Forget him. This is about demanding racial equality for minorities in America. If this flag meant so much to people, maybe they should uphold it with values of love and respect. We should not be fighting for the same rights as white Americans in 2017. If you’re not kneeling to bring awareness to the same things as Kaepernick, please don’t waste your time.

Fox Sports 1 news anchor and former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, couldn’t have addressed this situation better. 

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