Time To Come Up Off Those Coins Tyga

After being together for 2 years, Kylie and Tyga Jenner are no more. And with that breakup comes the statement “run me my money.” And by money she means $2 million!! 

Kylie has apparently been giving him money for the past couple years and keeping tabs on how much. She’s given him so much that she has often been short on coins herself so she says. Now, it’s time to cash out. According to Radar Online an “anonymous source” said that Tyga thought the money was a gift not a loan. Think again playa. Mama Kris was livid about this information getting out as well. Guess nobody wants the world to know their daughter is a trick. 

Obviously the reps for Kylie and Tyga were contacted but there have been no comments made as of yet. 

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