Tommy Ford’s Top 10 Funniest Moments on ‘Martin’ [Videos]

Today is undeniably a sad day. As we mourn the loss of actor Tommy Ford, let’s remember him at his greatest. From his iconic “Got the Draws” line to his relationship announcement with Pam, check out our top 10 favorite moments of Tommy Ford on ‘Martin’ at the drop:

1.  Tommy explains GTD ‘Got The Draws’ 

2. Tommy “Ain’t Got No Job” scenes

3. Tommy helps deliver a baby on ‘Martin’

4. Tommy preaches on ‘Martin’ during “Dead Men Don’t Flush” scene

5. Tommy in the car with Sheneneh, Keylolo, and Bonquisha

7. Tommy freaks out over a rat on ‘Martin’

8. Tommy announces he’s dating Pam 

9. Tommy does Aerobics with Martin and Cole

10. Tommy and the scary ‘Old Man Ackerman’ story during Martin’s Halloween special.

Without a shred of a doubt, Tommy was phenomenal. He will surely be missed. RIP. Thanks for all the laughs you brought to us. 


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