Top 5 Top 5 Top 5! Drake Becomes the 1st Artist to Reach 10 Billion Streams on Spotify

#Drake is making history in a big way! He has now become the 1st artist to reach 10 BILLION streams on #Spotify. 

Via Forbes:

A large portion of Drake’s 10 billion plays are thanks to his latest full-length album, Views, which took over the world when it was released last year. His first No. 1 hit as a lead artist, “One Dance,” which wound up being the most popular cut from the blockbuster record, now has 1.15 billion plays alone. Back in December, the song became the first to reach the one billion play milestone. Plenty of other songs from Views have impressive play counts, including “Hotline Bling” with just over 600 million, “Too Good” with 520 million and “Controlla” with over 340 million. In fact, Drake racked up well over two billion streams with his last album alone, which hasn’t been out for a year.

As time passes, Drake’s new music is played even more intensely than his older material, even if some of those songs were more successful when they were first released. New single “Fake Love,” which he released back in December, already has well over 320 million plays, while “Best I Ever Had,” the No. 2-charting song that helped launch him as a star, only has 78 million streams. As more and more people sign on and begin using Spotify (the company just hit 50 million paying subscribers earlier this month), the new hits from the biggest names will continue to collect streams at incredible rates.

Love him or hate him, Drake is a certified hit-maker and he won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. 

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