Toyota Backs Kendrick Lamar, Calls Graduation Gift To His Sister “Smart And Thoughtful”

Because our society is all f*cked up with people trying live above their means or stunt for others’ approval, Kendrick Lamar received A LOT  of backlash over purchasing his sister a Toyota as a high school graduation gift.

According to TMZ,  a rep told us Toyota sees the choice as more “smart and thoughtful” than cheap, since Camry has a good track record for longevity and reliability.

Although Kendrick’s sister shared a picture of her new whip and seemed very appreciative, social media trolls went in on Kendrick. 

Thank you big brother for my graduation gift! ❤️ @kendricklamar

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It’s amazing to see so many people upset over a multi-millionaire wanting to be fiscally responsible. Y’all clown celebrities that go bankrupt and lose it all, but at the same time will judge a celebrity for being frugal and living a simplistic lifestyle.


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