Trey Songz Ordered To 18 Months Of Probation & Anger Management Classes For ‘Disturbing The Peace’

Remember when Trey Songz’s set got cut short at the Joe Louis Arena, and he didn’t quite take it so well? 

If you can’t recall—last year, the singer threw a fit in Detroit, Michigan by trashing the stage while injuring a cop in the process. 

Fast forward to the present…

He actually managed to almost get away with it, but not without a little probation and anger management classes. 

Due to the incident, sources at TMZ say the singer pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges for disturbing the peace by ‘destroying gear’ and ‘throwing debris’ on stage. 

According to the Wayne County Prosecutors, the aggravated assault charges on top of the charges for obstructing and resisting the police were both dropped because of his plea. 

Songz is sentenced to 18 months of probation and classes, in addition to paying restitution, but thankfully no jail time. 

It could have been a lot worst. 

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