Trey Songz Sued For Attacking Fan Outside Of Strip Club

Singer Trey Songz has once again found himself in some legal trouble. The 33 year old “Mr Steal Your Girl” is being sued for allegedly attacking a female fan outside of a Phildelphia strip club.

The accuser states that she bought tickets to see Songz perform at the Vanity Grand Cabaret. The tickets granted her VIP access to his section. However reports claim that the singer was rude and hostile towards many of the patrons and partygoers. Things went for bad to worse by the end of the night as well. 

According to court documents, the female fan tried taking a picture with Trey in the parking lot, and that’s when the situation got physical. Allegedly, Songz,  smacked the woman’s phone out of her hand and into her face, causing her glasses to break. Now the plantiff is suing the R&B singer for $50,000. She also filed a suit against the strip club, claiming that the owners were negligent despite being well aware of Trey’s history of “violence and negative interaction with the public.”

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