Troy Ave Misses Murder Charge But Still May Do Years In Prison 

It’s been a couple months since the gunfight broke out at  T.I’s concert in New York between rapper Troy Ave and some other club goers. Well as of Today a grand  jury has indicted Troy on multiple felonies and he definitely will spend quite a while in jail. And by a while, we mean decades. He has been indicted on one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon. 

During the whole shootout his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed. Ballistics were ran on the gun Troy had and that pretty much clearer him of the murder charge. Initially it was a little unclear if he was the shooter or the victim because during the video released it showed him scrambling out of the VIP area after he had been shot. 

His lawyer is going to ask for bail at his next hearing but we aren’t sure if that’ll happen. Hopefully it does because he better get those last moments of freedom before that sentence starts. Guess you really do pay the cost to be the boss. 

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