Tupac Nominated For ‘Rock N Roll Hall of Fame’

With the ballot for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame recently released, it looks likes a certain hip-hop icon is eligible for nomination. West Coast legend Tupac Shakur is on the ballot for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for the first time after becoming eligible just this year.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is the musical institution based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was started in 1986 with the purpose of celebrating influential acts in music culture. In order to be eligible for the ballot, there is a minimum of 25 years since the release date of the musical act’s ¬†first album required.

Last year’s Rock HOF awards welcomed rap group N.W.A, having Kendrick Lamar help induct them. Fans can go vote online on who they want to see make the hall and the top five acts with the most fan vote entries usually make the induction. The winners will be announced in December with the induction ceremony taking place in April 2017.

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