Tyga Magically Loses Memory During Court Hearing About Kylie Jenner

Tyga just pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book.

During Tyga’s court hearing that took place on Tuesday, the Rack City rapper was questioned about the amount of money he spends on girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. The 26-year-old rapper was compliant while answering questions from celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, about his property and income, but when asked about Kylie-Tyga claims, it apparently gets a bit fuzzy.

According to TMZ, ¬†when asked about his 19-year-old boo, Tyga told the jeweler, Jason Arasheben’s lawyer , that he had become ill and lost his memory.

Really Tyga?

Tyga, which is an ancronym for Thank You God Always, has had his court hearing rescheduled for November 1, the same day Kylie is said to come in for her questioning as well.

Hopefully the Compton native won’t be flipping off any cameras this time when he walks in.

ThaCelebritea also did some digging and found out that Tyga is related to notorious movie sensation… DORY


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