Uber Driver Refuses Service To Blind Couple Because Of Service Dog

Legally blind couple Milissa Garside and her boyfriend David Welch are raising awareness for the blind and disabled after an Uber driver refused to render them service because of Garside’s service dog. 

After being turned down. Welch, who is well versed in disability law, informed the driver (Allen) that it was illegal for him to refuse them. As Welch reached into the open window to unlock the back seat when Allen reportedly rolled up the window-locking Welch’s hand in the process. Welch was drug between 10 and 15 ft before falling. The driver never stopped.  

Garsdide, who could only hear the commotion, grew increasingly alarmed:

“I was freaked out because I could hear Richard running, trying to keep up with the car,” she said. “I knew something was happening so I kept asking “what’s happening, what’s happening?”. 

Via Daily Mail: 

“Garside said she wanted to raise awareness of the plight of blind people who are all too often turned down by the app’s drivers despite its policies and federal laws clearly dictating that they must be allowed into the cars with dogs.


“Its a country wide problem. Uber has been discriminating against blind people with dogs. 

‘It needs to stop, said Gardside. ‘I just want to be able to take a ride like everyone else. I don’t have time to request four or five before one agrees to take me.”

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