United Airlines Stock Dips After Passenger Dragging Fiasco

It appears that United Airlines’ PR nightmare is finally taking a toll on its stock prices.

According to recent reports, the company’s shares dropped 4 percent at one point Tuesday, amassing nearly $800 million in loses. However, the stock recovered some by late afternoon, putting its market value off by $250 million.

The dip in United Continental Holdings’ stock comes after a viral video of a passenger being dragged by his arms off an overbooked United flight at Chicago O’Hare International airport. The video disturbingly shows the passenger’s face bloodied from the forced removal. 

Online backlash followed the viral video, many detesting the airline’s action as unfair and extreme. United CEO Oscar Munoz apologized “for having to re-accomodate” customers, a comment further fueling a continued a negative response on social media, even jokes from users.

Catch the video of the incident below:




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