Upcoming Death Row Documentary Series In The Works

This sounds good actually. 

A documentary series focusing on the rise and fall of Death Row Records has been confirmed and is now in the works.  The six hour docuseries entitled ‘Death Row Chronicles’ will air on BET. 

This documentary is be described as, “part true-crime murder mystery and part hip-hop drama, this compelling docu-series will comb through mountains of misinformation, uncovering key evidence and witnesses who will reveal the truth about the bitter rivalries surrounding its legends.”

The project is set to focus on the groundbreaking music brought to life by artists like Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and label cofounder Dr. Dre. The series will show how the record label itself made an impact on hip hop and pop culture. More than anything, the gained notoriety  the label obtained because of co-founder and CEO Suge Knight is set to be one of the main vocal points of the series. 

The project will be produced by Entertainment One and Creature Films.

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