Utah Nurse Arrested For Not Drawing Blood From Patient While He Was Unconscious

The Salt Lake City Police are holding an investigation based off a disturbing viral video of a Utah nurse being manhandled and arrested by a detective, after failing to draw blood from an unconscious patient. 

According to NBC News, there are 19 minutes of body cam footage from July 26 that shows Detective Jeff Payne demanding Alex Wubbels to draw blood from an unidentified truck driver who had been injured in an accident. 

In a written report obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune, it is said that authorities were trying to obtain the patient’s blood in order to find out whether there were illicit substances in his system during the collision.

However, Wubbels explained the protocol of needing a warrant, consent, or declaration of intentions to arrest the truck driver, but the detective still persisted. 

While he persisted, the nurse still refused. She was then aggressively cuffed by an officer, and hauled into the back of the vehicle where she was arrested, but not charged. 

“I was being bullied and nobody was willing to speak up for me,” Wubbels told NBC News. “That is one of the main points of this whole issue.”

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski personally apologized to Wubbles, and also delivered a public apology on behalf of both, herself and the police, via Twitter.

As for the detective, he nor his supervisor has apologized. It is also reported that Payne still remains active, but not with the blood draw program. 

A spokesperson for the authorities said the incident was startling, and they are actively working with the University of Utah Hospital to make sure it doesn’t occur again. 

See the video below:



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