Venus and Serena’s Father, Richard Williams, Files For Divorce After Claiming Wife Stole Social Security Checks, Forged Signature & More

Father of Serena and Venus Williams, Richard Williams, 75, has filed for divorce from his wife in West Palm Beach. 

According to sources at the DailyMail,  Williams filed documents making a load of claims about his 38-year-old wife, Lakeisha Williams, including accusations of her being a thief and an alcoholic. 

Williams also claims after the couple tied the knot back in 2010, she fled and left him just last year with their son, Dylan, now 5-years-old. Plus, he added that Lakeisha allegedly left him for ‘a new person.’ 

The new person allegedly has ‘serious criminal, felony charges pending who [sic] could impose a danger to the minor child,’ legal papers report. 

The legal papers also state that Lakeisha often has a bizarre schedule that includes picking up their 5-year-old and dropping him off at odd hours of the night. 

In addition, he alleges his wife has placed the deed of one of the homes he bought with Venus and Serena’s mother in her name by forging his signature. He the claims that she proceeded to take out a $152,000 mortgage on the property after ‘imitating his handwriting.’

In order to get his West Palm Beach home back, Richard turned to the law once again with a completely new lawsuit. 

However, if he gets his house back, Lakeisha has already racked up money from joint bank accounts, including his self-owned accounts and some of his social security payments. She also transferred ownership of some of his cars. 

Sis tried to run up a couple checks! 

Looks like we won’t be seeing the married couple courtside at anymore tournaments for a long time or ever, for that matter. 


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